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Motivations and recommendations 29 September 2005

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Category: Faith

As a thought starter for today Off the Beaten Track recently posted about the phenomenon of parents getting the local vicar to sign the form to give their child preference in the local church school.

I’ve commented there, so presuming Paul doesn’t object, you can read some of my thoughts on the subject there. But I wonder what yours might be?

Similarly it made me think about the value of thinking through other potentially tricky situations before they turn up on the doorstep….



1. andy gr - 29 September 2005

I found myself in a similar situation recetly, as the parish priest of a family who wanted to get their child into a RCatholic school; if I signed they were “members” with us, they got slightly higher up the list. But what’s a member? They’re not on the electoral roll, but then about half our regular congregation aren’t on the electoral roll so that’s neither here nor there. I see them about three times a year, does that make them attenders? I signed the form and put a note asking the school to call me if they want more information. They never did, but the child got the place…

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