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A BIG day 25 September 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Category: Faith (church)

A new start today – despite having had some homely Holy Communion services in the Vicarage for a number of months today we move to a different place for our spiritual refreshment – the pub! Brendan, our generous landlord, is letting us use The Spitfire for our Morning Worship, complete even with Sunday School (if any children show up, other than K’s daughter!)

I have a fair idea of some of the folks who will show (which will add pressure in a nice way because I have the same readings at Tea Time Worship and so need two sermons off the same texts!) but plenty of “maybes” not to mention those who might have seen the publicity and think it’s worth a try.

After all, if you can’t wander in to your local, where can you go? (But the bar won’t be open, so it’s communion wine or nowt!)



1. Kathryn - 25 September 2005

Ooh..Retrospective prayers that it went really well. Do post a report asap. I’m beginning to jitter slightly about our new babe, due next w’end. Amazing how scary it can feel, even when you suspect that it might be God’s idea.

2. andy gr - 27 September 2005

This is really exciting. I hope it went well.

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