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The Shape of Things to Come (i) 9 September 2005

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A vision of light.

Several times over the last 18 months or so things in MLPK have looked like they are about to take off, combust, or whatever metaphor you wish to choose, before collapsing in a sputtering heap. These make last night’s first meeting a a group of willing indiviuals to discuss quite what we are doing and how seem all the more wonderful.

Admittedly in my institutionalised way what I’d be referring to as my “church council”, decided that they were in no way qualified to be called that and settled upon the title of Working Party, I have to be pleased. To be held a little more accountable to the people here and involved, rather than those with more important sounding ecclesiatical titles. To have a fund of ideas for doing things in ways that I simply would not have thought of, of more realistically, thought through, is all good stuff. And if we didn’t forge as radical a path, or as risky a one, thanI might have expected then I’m still a happy bunny. Why? Because it gives me a yardstick to measure my expectations and performance beside.

So, our morning gatherings in The Spitfire pub from the end of this month will simply be “Morning Worship” – not some flight of fancy based around the name of the venue. Which makes sense as it’s a response to requests for something a little more along the lines of “expected” church than “Tea Time Worship”.

Achieveable goals, then. I’m nor disappointed, far from it. And in fact maybe I’m a little relieved that some of my ideas, which seem pitifully small and inadequate to me so often, really are rather more bold and visionary than I dare to believe. I know I’m not in the same league, but if Jesus can manage with a core of a dozen or so, then we can manage with a few less in MLPK.



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