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except… Greenbelt here we come 24 August 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

that is when I finally receive the tickets or can get through on the telephone line!

Pick up the hire car tomorrow (our mega-tent is too big for my small car boot), pack, see if we have room for food. Ignore bank balances. Charge mobile phone. Check on other bloggers and friends. Attempt to sleep. Try to avoid 3 hour queue on M25 and then…

…look out Cheltenham. My 17th Greenbelt. (And will it be a Mudfest, we haven’t had one for a while – not that I want one….)

This might be the last post before… but knowing my internet addiction I somehow doubt it! However did I survive without broadband? (Although I probably did more work…)



1. Kathryn - 24 August 2005

Stuart…I fear me that if you can’t get through at the office by now,it’s because they are mostly down here in Cheltenham (where the rain was beating down all morning…though now sunny and windy, like the weather chart in Reception Class)If your wristbands still haven’t arrived, I guess the best thing is to take the print off of your order (assuming you ordered on line as I did) with you an prepare for a long queue…but the queue will be part of the story in any case. I’ll try and check that out later on…my husband is early birding, and I’m hoping to meet up with some of my friends on the GB ops team tonight so might have firmer advice at that point.
We really can’t afford a mudfest this year…so nearly cleared that debt…

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