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And I though I was a Moose…. 24 August 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

While idling away the odd moments at the end of a productive morning I pottered off the see-through faith, and indirectly to a number of those wonderfully silly time-wasting quizzes. I have no idea which book I was, and decided about eighth time round that I certainly wasn’t the one it said I was (and no, I’m not telling!)

I did, however, come up with this…

You’re a Dragon!

Noble, regal, and highly misunderstood, you’re a bit of a loner at
heart. You like caves, the sky, and other vast expanses of air where you can blow
off steam. You and people like you got a lot more respect in the old days, but now
your type only shows up in songs about young children. They’re the only people who
really believe in your potential. As long as you believe in yourself, and don’t
breathe directly at anyone, you’ll be okay. You have a strange liking for string and

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Well, what more can I say?



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