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Tenuous Links 3 August 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Seven Degrees of Separation, was IIRC, a film (which I have never seen) some years ago that worked around the premise that everyone in the world was no more than seven connections away from anyone else.

I know for a fact that the author of Nouslife and I are connected through Rev. Dr Alan Bartlett, my tutor at Cranmer Hall, (before whom I was tutored by David Greve, him of the occasional poetry on this blog) and IIRC, Nouslife’s Andii’s wife’s. In a similar vein I trained with Emergent Like Slime‘s author Andy Griffiths at the same vicar-factory and share a common connection of Greenbelt with Good in Parts author Kathryn, whose former parish was served by a near neighbour to me as incumbent some time ago. I met Maggi (from a distance) some years ago at Greenbelt, and as a frequent pilgrim to that event will have encountered Kester Brewin during his time involvement with Vaux.

So, who else will admit to a degree of connection (or separation) – and if we reach seven, do we make up the population of the world? Discuss.



1. Andii - 4 August 2005

we’re also connected via Maggi and a member or two, possibly, of Vaux.
The Christian world probably has a max of 4 or 5 degrees of separation and the Anglican world probably maxes at 3!

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