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Cancel Tuesday. 2 August 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

“Vicaring” does have a number of advantages. Working from home can be a mixed blessing, especially when you share the house with a three-year old (roll on Pre-School in September!) although the lack of travel-to-work time is rather useful. Best of all, at least at the moment, is being master of your own diary. While I do have jobs, and deadlines, it does mean that when TIF (Total Inspiration Failure) or TMF (Total Motivation Failure) strikes you can stop.

I am just so tired. Call it laziness, call it need for a holiday. Call it whatever you like. Even tell the truth and say it was too much Italian lager last night. Tuesday afternoon is hereby cancelled. I shall be a human being for a change and I’ll make it up later.

Just wish I could think of someting more controversial, or humourous, or wise to write, even something role-playing game related – although as a parting shot, here’s an observation. If you put a newsworthy word in your blog post title (like I did with “Al-Quaeda” a while ago) it does wonders for the number of hits you receive. Maybe I should try “acetone peroxide” – although on that theme, I did Google it – and found three different recipes for the homebrew explosive of choice in a fraction of a second. A bit scary. How come whenever I want to find something useful – like how to get the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office to come down like a ton of bricks on those companies who still insist on sending junk mail for Mr H a full eighteen months after he’s left and after having been frequently informed by the new resident – how come then the stuff just isn’t there? (And no suggestions involving direct action using the aforementioned explosive substance please…)

There certainly is some possibility for thoughts there – like issues of freedom of information – or even freedom of disinformation, and how the Internet is one giant whirl of gossip, supposition and opinion masquerading as concrete fact. Just like this blog post!

You never know, something useful might strike me soon. Or knowing my daughter it might just be a balloon. I’d better go and find out…

Happy Tuesday!



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