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Today’s little miracle… 6 July 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Earlier on this year I made a rash promise that if I could go to my Role-Playing convention in Germany (on which I have commented at length) then I would forego my annual pilgrimage to Greenbelt.

More fool me!

However, today I received in the post a Complimentary Family Ticket to Grassrootz, which looks like a little one day Greenbelt, all within a hour half drive from MLPK (My Little Piece of Kent). Even better I’m ahead of the game this week and have written the sermons that I’d normally do then.

So, this Saturday, weather and crises permitting, that’s where we should be. Look out for me if you’re there (not that I’ll know who you are, of course!)

Thank you Lord for thoughtful friends, who are not seen often enough. And thank you friend, if you should be reading this.



1. Kathryn - 6 July 2005

You can’t not be going to Greenbelt! I was really looking forward to meeting you…is there nothing we can do to change your mind? I have Maggi staying here, hopefulamphibian just down the road, and a host of goodly godly bloggers about the place generally. It will be really sad if they don’t include you 😦

2. Dr Moose - 6 July 2005

I’m flattered. And flattened – it’s not my mind you need to change but the GLW’s….


Must dash – I’m late for a visit!

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