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Don’t care enough 17 March 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

(Thursday’s “Thought for the Day”)

Flowing water will always find the easiest way. A stream can’t be bothered
with going up hills or taking the scenic route. It just takes the path of
least resistance, usually the mountain path you are using!

Let’s be honest. Most of us are rather like water – we choose the least
strenuous option too. It’s far easier to go flow the flow than it is to
branch out and do something new. Facing resistance or opposition is even
more difficult. That’s when you need vision and resolution, to be informed
about the destination and have the willpower to get there.

But I’m not thinking about physical effort. I’’m more concerned with things
of the mind and the spirit.

The question today is What is it that drives you? What star do you sail by?

Whether that’s a religious belief, a spiritual attitude or an ideological
position, where does yours come from? We all have them – even if it’s “just
the same as everyone else.”

I meet all sorts of people but often the common factor is that most of them
don’t really seem to know what they believe in any clearly defined sense.

To all intents and purposes, no matter how dedicated they are to their
work, their fitness or their families, they have no mental or spiritual rudder.

We often use the term “agnostic.” But an agnostic is someone who has
come to the reasoned conclusion that “we can’t really know.”

What we often mean is something else – “apathetic.” We don’t care
enough to find out.

If that’s where you are, politically, religiously or in any other field
(like me and football), then let’s be honest about it.

After all, it helps to know where you are before you set off on a journey.



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